Latest release on / coming out on the label:

Blinded (Melbourne, Australia)
Built Upon Hatred (Nottingham, UK)
Cast You Down (Florida, USA)
Chamber (The North, UK)
Clearer the Sky (Scotland)
Constrict (Barcelona, Spain)
Elegy (Florida, USA)
Gaia Bleeds (Glasgow, Scotland)
Gif From God (Richmond, USA)
Nihility (Southampton, UK)
Overturn (Southampton, UK)
Queensway (Baltimore, USA)
Pulled Under (Texas, USA)
Realm Of Torment (Southampton, UK)
Splitknuckle (Essex, UK)
Transcendence (Nottingham, UK)
Vatican (Savannah, USA)
Vein (Boston, USA)

Previous release(s) on label:

Rebirth (Melbourne, Australia)
Pulled Under (Texas, USA)