Rage was initially found in November 2011 with the plan of just being a zine, however during the writing of the first zine an opportunity came up to release a friends demo tape. From there the label began along side continuing to put out zines. After a handful of zines & tapes Rage was put on a hiatus late 2012 to focus more on building the local scene with shows, forming bands & personal life taking a focus.

Come August 2014 Splitknuckle releases their Nothing Left Unsaid EP. After hearing this a few times the idea came to kick the label back off again, with more focus & experience compared to in 2011, as Rage was the first hardcore project I'd been involved in, so there was a lot to improve on & learn from before.

That Splitknuckle release encapsulated everything I wanted the label to be & the kind of music I wanted on it. Back when the label started there were a shortage of the type of bands playing the music we love, at least that I could find at the time. We want to help & support bands playing the type of music we love, as well as most importantly, giving stage to bands who have something productive & progressive to say.