April 06, 2017

Fuck, we haven't posted in 3 months, here comes a very positive post.

GOOD NEWS. CHAMBER & QUEENSWAY TAPES ARE FINALLY ARRIVING TOMORROW. There was an issue at the plant with the tape suppliers in that they only let the manufacturers quite late on that something was out of stock. Massive apologies, but hey this happens with records more often than not. Your order will be posted out ASAP & we also still have copies for sale in the webstore.

There is more good news. You may have already seen but orders are now online for last years Amongst The Chaos DVD. People were thinking this was never going to come out, but the plan all along was to release it a year later. Our friend George who has been working on it has been busy with a Masters Degree & we have also been very busy with label releases so we chose to not rush to get it out. It is a completely DIY production, shot on one camera (another bailed on the day) & no professional sound desk production. It is around two & a half hours in length, featuring tons of footage from the day & also a kind of interview with a few of us about the label. Get a copy from the store now, this will be something cool to look back on in a few years to remember this current time in hardcore. Editing is just being finished over the coming weeks then it will be going to press.

Apart from that we don't have too much to announce right now apart from the following, thanks for 
sticking around: Nihility go into the studio next week to record the album, we have a new band & release coming out Wednesday next week, we are awaiting artwork from the bands for the Gif From God / Vein split release & when we finally get these we will be sending the tapes to press (still in the store).