January 11, 2017

So I last posted a month ago, the reason being I have been without internet & moving house this weekend, so everything has been all over the place / very quiet. Here's some news. We'll start with the good shit.

We have 2 new bands / releases announce the other day. Chamber from the UK & Queensway from the USA. Both are hard heavy hardcore bands with a different sound, but both releases stand out in their own right. Queensway have added a lot more weight behind their previous work, & Chamber offer a debut release to pay attention to for the future. Both are for sale on the store. Queensway is streaming now & Chamber will be out shortly.

At the end of 2016 the Gif From God / Vein split also came out, it is streaming now. If you have heard the previous releases we have put out from these bands you know what you are getting. We are currently working on the physical copies of this with the bands

To the bad news, their always is. It seems the Cast You Down inlays got lost in the post over Christmas period as they just have not arrived. We guarantee now that we are sorting them AGAIN as we speak & your order will be posted out by January 21st at the very latest. We cannot apologise enough for how long these have took, largely due to reasons out of our control.

As always a lot is in the store so go pick something up. First Fight Down vinyl is looking like it will be in February / March. We are currently discussing merch to print in the coming month or two. We also have new members of the team, which we will maybe discuss at another point in time.

Cheers for sticking with us. This isn't stopping anytime soon.