October 28, 2016



Long time no post, but we haven't had much to update until now.

We still have loads of records / merch for sale, Testament's of Hope & Despair is a year old at a very cheap price, we have also reduced a lot of other stock. Check the store - http://www.ragehc.bigcartel.com

We have some records from Life.Lair.Regret in Australia of the Blinded / Denial split, we don't have a ton of copies so if you want one get onto our store ASAP. Two of the Australia's brightest newer bands who are currently doing a lot in their scene.

The question on everyone's mind for the last year AT LEAST has been 'when is the Splitknuckle album coming out?' - Well, all recording is now done, & the final editing is taking place, we have no exact date but from what we hear it is very very close. As soon as we have the files pre-orders will be going live for the CD's as well a full stream. You can see the cover art below, which was done by Christy O'Connor, hands down one of the most visual impacting aspects of a release this year. We can only apologise to people how long this record as took to come together (i.e how long the recording has took), but you can't rush perfection.

 We also have another new band / release to introduce. Cast You Down from State-side. The demo has been widely recognised as among people's favourite releases of the year. We have been in talks with the band briefly a whole back, & finally we have managed to bring this release to the forefront. You can download & listen to the whole thing on our bandcamp. Pre-orders for tapes are going to be up within the next week for tapes, so keep your wallets close!

There has been a delay with First Fight Down att he pressing plant so fingers crossed those will be back with us early 2017. This is one to really get excited for, insane handful of songs.

Team Rage.